Sunday, January 29, 2012

My How the Times Sure Change

We've all seen it. Whether on the big screen, in a play, or perhaps you've witnessed it happen in real life. The dainty woman wearing the floor length dress must hold it up above her ankles in order to keep it from dragging on the ground and, therefore ,becoming dirty or wet.

It's nothing special. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing that causes you to stand up and cheer.

Tonight, however, this hit me in a new and different way. I was all settled in for the night and passing time by skyping a friend and googling interesting articles. Nothing too special. I was comfy cozy in my Huntington sweats which have become a staple in my post-college wardrobe. I had been trying off and on to get a hold of my Nana, just to check in and such and realized that I hadn't talked to her much all day. Every time I called, the phone rang busy and suddenly it hit me that it could be an issue. I pulled on a jacket, slipped on my moccasins and hit the trail, off to her home to investigate. Everything was fine and it was just a technical issue.

But that's not where the story ends.

After talking for a bit I bundled up again, ready to head home. I reached the end of the cement walkway and before hitting the snowy ground I paused long enough to hold the pant legs of my sweats up so as not to let them drag on the cold snowy ground.

That's right! I held them up like I was dressed for the Oscars and I had just reached the end of my red carpet. I felt a little embarrassed and a lot ridiculous. This did cause me to think, however, about how true the old saying is that "Times sure do change".

I think my grandma has told me this twice a week for the last 24 years. Usually I brush it off and make a mental note to try to keep up with the times as I age. This incident, however, made me pause and think a bit.

Years ago, women wore dresses every single day. They were floor length and yet women were expected to accomplish all tasks in such attire. I'm sure that they never imagined that come year 2012 a girl driving a red sporty looking car would pause to hold up her sweat pants in order to prevent them from getting snowy or wet.

The fact of the matter is, times change. People change. Ideas change. Traditions change.

How wonderful is it to know that the Creator of the Universe, the Alpha, the Omega, the One True God does not change! He never has and He never will! I find it to be a comforting and liberating thought!

Malachi 3:6 tells us that "I the Lord do not change"

That's that. He stays the same today, tomorrow, and forever. So whether you're hiking up your dress to step into your carriage, hiking up your sweats to step into your car, or hiking up your future attire to step into your Jetson like travel machine, God will be there to lead you, guide you, and love you. And He will be the same throughout!

Treasure this thought and thank Him today for His consistency in a very inconsistent world!!

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