Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Pulled Back Curtain

When the president of the university hands out your diploma, there should be a disclaimer attached. One that goes something like

"I know you've spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours working to earn this, but just because you have it does not mean that there will be a job readily available or that all that you planned for will be accomplished"

Now, had that been the case this blog would not likely exist. Eight months ago when I first held my diploma in my hands, I had great dreams. Noble dreams. Dreams that put to shame my childhood ideas of being a singer despite my lack of ability to carry a tune. I thought that I had grown up, I was ready to be released into the world and to make my presence known. I was ready to prove to everyone that when you do A + B + C you would get D. What I never expected is that that D would have a Q attached.

Thats right. DQ. The place where I spent my high school years working and dreaming. I was back. All that time, all that money, all those dreams were replaced by a button up shirt, a visor, and the directions to always ask if a drink was desired with the chicken strip basket.

So for the last eight months, thats where I have been. I had become a pro at feeling sorry for myself and pleading with God for some sort of explaination of why I was put there. Through a series of events these things all came to one giant head in the last few weeks.

This brings me to my point. You know those moments where everything suddenly makes sense and you feel foolish for having questioned anything to begin with? That is me. I am a follower of Christ. I yearn to be near Him always and I try my very best to serve Him well. I had, however, put Him in a box and decided that He was not powerful enough to release Himself.

No box is big enough to contain the Creator of the Universe and no person is wise enough to fully understand His ways. Luckily for us, however, He meets us in our stupidity. He certainly met me. I have had the distinct pleasure of having God pull back the curtain of my life only to reveal His omniscience.

God didn't put me at Dairy Queen so that I could sulk or pout. He put me there for a purpose. He allowed me to live in my hometown for a purpose. He allowed me to return to my home church, interact with the people I grew up with, and get to know some completely new people. God had a plan. A wonderful one.

So here is the point of my whole rambling thoughts.

Sometimes we have no idea why God is doing something or what His intention could possibly be. It seems He has allowed everything to turn upside down and be shaken up completely. But when the dust settles you realize something wonderful has been created and you might even come to believe that you are right where you need to be.

I know I have.

I am honored to be a servant of the Most High and I am learning to be completely comfortable being at His disposal. It will probably not look like I imagined and it might at times feel lonely or confusing, but it will ALWAYS be worthwhile.

Drop your baggage. Pick up your cross. Follow.
Matthew 16:24


  1. I love you Megan. I love that you aren't afraid of the hard stuff. That you wrestle with God until you get that blessing. I'm so thankful He's got you here to teach us all a thing or two. And I'm insanely proud of the woman of God that you are.

    He is doing big things in you and through you. And perhaps you are learning what it means when He says only when you lose your life will you find it? Happy to be be your sister. ;)

    1. Thanks Lindsay! I really do appreciate the time and energy you pour into me. I am so grateful that we have stayed close!!! Happy to be your sister as well ;) Love ya Lindsay!!!

  2. This has been a big lesson for me as well. I was unemployed for 9 months after graduating. While I am in a grad school program for my dream job, my current job has nothing to do with my degree and doesn't pay as much as a job in my field would. Then again, it's full of great people who are willing to work with my school schedule.

    Even after God proves His plan is better, it can still be hard to handle each time something else outside of MY plan happens. My current struggle is trusting God's plan despite my boyfriend of 5 years leaving me. The future is wide open with possibilities, but it's incredibly scary.

  3. Leslie, I am so glad to hear from you. I truly miss our conversations! I am sorry to hear about your boyfriend! That is definitely a hard thing to deal with! I understand completely what you said about how it can be difficult to handle things outside of your plan. I'm in that same boat of trying to understand but struggling to find rhyme or reason. I cannot agree more that the future is full of possibilities but it can be a very very scary place to be in. It's nice to know that I'm not floating in this ocean of confusion alone :) Miss you!